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16 Jul 2014 - 1:53 PM  UPDATED 16 Jul 2014 - 3:35 PM

Anime may have plenty of sploshions and complex storylines, but everyone knows, that even like in the 4D world, LOVE… makes the world go around.

To celebrate 'Relationship Week' on PopAsia radio, I thought we would bat an eyelid to some of the cutest couple hyper-reality has ever seen…

Sword Art Online

Kirito & Asuna

Nothing says ‘love’ like teaming up in an MMORPG! Or complimenting sword designs, for that matter, or being stuck inside a game where when you die, you ACTUALLY DIE!

Kirito and Asuna are just the most adorbs in the world. Not only are they two geeks in love, they're fighting anything from wolves, dragons and whatever other hell-beast the creators of Sword Art Online can throw at them. At one point they even sort-of have a kid together, even if the kid is actually… WAIT SPOILER ALERT!


Cross Academy: Vampire Knights

Yuki & Zero… & Kaname

Yuki is the kind of lady who needs a guy that can handle her extra-curricular activities. Stopping the day students from getting too close to the night students at Cross Academy is a SERIOUS BUSINESS!

Only Zero can really understand her. Plus, he needs her not only as a companion but because he tends to get a little… spikey… when she's not around.  At the same time, Kaname is a pureblood vampire and that's kind of a big draw card.

Yuki is so lucky.

Code Geass-Lelouch Of The Rebellion

Zero & C.C. & Lelouch/Zero & Kallen OR Lelouch & Shirley.

Suzaku might be the knight in shining armour (he's one of the “Knights of 12” after all) but when it comes to the ladies, Lelouch/Zero has got it going on!

He's not a reckless playboy type though. I honestly think he cares about each one of these ladies equally. Though, C.C is definitely his best match!


Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura nd Syaoran

They're supercute together. They're like the human versions of a party that was attended by puppies, kittens, baby rabbits and little goats all went to and they jumped around and were so happy!

An eternal love, so sweet that Syaoran is convinced he will always be able to fall in love with Sakura.

Do you hear that? That's my tear ducts bursting with all the LOVE!


Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

Does this even need an explanation? It's just too right for words!

Who did we forget?

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