Red Velvet has just released 2 comeback MVs Meet the members... all 5 of them!
22 Jul 2014 - 12:51 PM  UPDATED 16 Mar 2015 - 1:35 PM


Red Velvet has just dropped the much anticipated title track to their forthcoming album Ice Cream Cake. Check it out as well as "Automatic" which dropped over the weekend.

Red Velvet "Ice Cream Cake" - 

Red Velvet "Automatic" - 

IN EARLIER NEWS (11/03/15): Meet Red Velvet's new member Yeri

SM Entertainment rookie group Red Velvet will be releasing their first album Ice Cream Cake this March 18 and they have a new member to boot! Meet Yeri...

Yeri is known for her talents as a singer, rapper, and dancer (like most SM recruits) and was part of SM Entertainment’s pre-debut team SMROOKIES.



SM Entertainment have revealed a teaser MV for their newest girl group Red Velvet. It's called "Happiness". Check it out: 

They have also finally revealed the forth member:



IN EARLIER NEWS (22/07/14): 

SM Entertainment has released an official statement confirming they will debut a new girl group next month!

The agency told media outlets, "The new girl group is planning for a debut in August. We will reveal the exact date, concept, and such details at a later time... It is a new girl group that SM Entertainment has [sic] put out in a while, so please look forward to them." (AllKpop)

The girl group will consist of 4 girls; 3 we know of already from their pre-debut as SM Rookies:  Seul gi, Irene, and Wendy. There is also 1 more mystery member that is yet to be revealed but said to have a resemblance to actress Kim Yoo Jung.

The group would be the agency's 1st girl group to debut following f(x)'s back in 2009.


Do you welcome SM Entertainment's new all-female project or do you wish they would just focus on the promotion of f(x) for the moment?



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