The new studio Ghibli TV series promo is out... not everyone is loving it.
23 Jul 2014 - 6:15 PM  UPDATED 23 Jul 2014 - 6:27 PM

The only problem with a Studio Ghibli movie is that movies only go for a few hours and that’s never enough Studio Ghibli for me.

Plus, the movies usually take FOR-EV-ER to put together, especially if Hayao Miyazaki is at the helm.
It’s almost as bad as reading a George R.R Martin book series. (Winter has been coming for over 15 years Mr Martin…15 YEARS!!!!).

So, a television series created by Studio Ghibli and Polygon Pictures (Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence) should be the answer to the agony of waiting, right? Especially if they’re telling the charming story of Ronia, a young girl reaching for the stars. There’s even a Miyazaki working on it. Though, it’s Goro Miyazaki not Hayao Miyazaki. I loved his work in "Tales From Earthsea" - No, it wasn’t the same as the books - but I still thoroughly enjoyed the animated film.

Unfortunately, that’s not what people are saying after seeing the preview of the series.

The main complaint does seem to be that the movement doesn’t flow as well as it should, especially for an animation coming from Studio Ghibli.

What do you think?