The agency have released an official statement regarding the incident at the ‘Sinchon Water Gun Festival’...
28 Jul 2014 - 3:03 PM  UPDATED 31 Jul 2014 - 10:42 AM


Another camera angle has been submitted by a an onlooker at the ‘Sinchon Water Gun Festival’ in Changchun-dong where Miss A's Suzy made a celebrity appearance, proving that the male guide in question never touched her.

The new evidence supports JYP's argument that "this situation was not a big deal".



Miss A’s Suzy appeared at the opening ceremony of the ‘Sinchon Water Gun Festival’ in Changchun-dong as the new ambassador for Sprite on July 26.

Fan videos were uploaded after the event and some fans noticed that a man appeared to be touching Miss A’s Suzy inappropriately, expressed their disgust and called for action to be taken.

Click to see Suzy take a Spite shower here.

Due to the amount of accusations flowing in online, JYP Entertainment have since responded, telling X Sports news, “The agency is understanding that this situation was not a big deal. After we assess more carefully, we will inform you of anything more that needs to be shared.”

Additionally, an official who was at the scene explained, “The moderator brushed her in the process of guiding Suzy forward.” (Soompi).

It’s good to see fans take notice and ask questions, regardless of the outcome.  

Here is one of the fan videos where you can see the incident unfold: