Let's pause the music for a minute and take a look at those locks...
29 Jul 2014 - 3:03 PM  UPDATED 25 Nov 2014 - 3:08 PM

[UPDATED] We're almost at the end 2014 and there have been so many incredible, breathtaking, ugly-cry-worthy comebacks… but music aside, what about one of the most important elements in the K-pop world... HAIR?!?!

From P.O.’s new hot pink flame to Dongwoon’s musky purple piece de resistance to Taemin's body... ergh I mean blonde bob, here are the sexiest styles we tip (or take off) our hats to in 2014.


17. C-Clown – Maru – Let's Love

Let’s face it – you could shave Maru’s hair off & he would look good, but it’s as if they’ve gotten just the right amount of volume here.


16. EXO-M - Luhan - Overdose 

Let's put aside the fact that Luhan may no longer be a member of EXO and ponder some of the brighter times... like when he managed to scrape his hair into a junior pony tail in "Overdose". A moment's silence now please for the pony tail...



15. NUEST – Ren - Good Bye Bye

A lot of people on the interwebs have been saying they miss Ren’s long locks, but I’m digging his more mature look.


14. B1A4 – Jin Young – Solo Day

He might be a couch potato – but one with perfectly tussled blonde hair! Why does he not have popcorn pieces stuck in it complete with a chocolate stained pyjama get-up like the rest of us… huh?


13. Boyfriend – Donghyun – Obsession

All of the boys in their 1st comeback MV for 2014 look incredible (bring on the “bad-boy” Boyfriend I say) – it was hard to pick one! But Donghyun’s bluey-green colour is just so unique.


12. BEAST – Dongwoon – Good Luck

Dongwoon looks especially hot in BEAST’s new MV “Good Luck” even though he looks distressed. Love the purple tinged fringe whatever way he has it (I've seen a lot of people disagree with this online lol)


11. HyunA – Red

She’s ditched the cropped red bob for long black locks once again… but let’s face it, that doll-like face of hers could handle any kind of cut.


10.  KARA -  Hara - Mama Mia

Because SO many K-pop ladies are styled with straight hair! And it's getting boring! It's a about the semi-perm made a comeback and it also suits the retro vibe of the latest release "Mama Mia".  


9. VIXX - Hongbin - Error

If you can't peel your eyes off Hongbin's sexy metallic rib cage (and get over your now uncomfortable attraction to robots), take the time to admire his perfectly waved wine-coloured mane. H to the O-T my friends. 


8. AOA - ALL of them! - Short Hair 

Short hair is the new black right now and all of the AOA girls pull it off. Choa gets and extra thumbs up though, she almost looks like 1960's super model Twiggy here...


7. Super Junior - Eunhyuk - MAMACITA

I had to put this in purely for the stylist's effort in getting the bandana perfectly positioned for maximum Eunhyuk plumage. Sidenote: our boss also thinks this might be a picture of a girl he dated in 1983. 


6. 2NE1 – Minzy  - Gotta Be You

Minzy’s purple tinged high pony-tail and abstract fringe looked absolutely bangin’ in their “Gotte Be You” MV – not sure why the MV itself copped so much flack! Heart it.


5. Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips

Despite the fact that you barely notice Taeyang has a head on account of his body stealin all the limelight – he is one of the few K-pop stars that can pull off a doo-rag and look smoking hot showing no hair at all.


4. 2NE1 – Dara – Happy

Hey Dara, the 90’s called and they want their hair back – because they’re jealous!  



3. f(x) – Amber – Red Light

Amber could be on a list for best everything as she is just so.damn.COOL! Loving her new red do.


2. Block B – P.O – Her

Just when you thought the pastel palette was dominating this year, P.O goes and blows that concept right out of the water in one powerful hot pink fell swoop. BOOM-town: population 1.


1. Taemin - Danger

It's hard for a man to pull of Prince-Valient-style bob in any regard... let alone a bleach blonde one. And yet he does so and then some. Eyes above the neck please ladies!



Have we missed your fave idol? Let us know (passionately) in the comments...