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30 Jul 2014 - 6:22 PM  UPDATED 30 Jul 2014 - 6:33 PM

Social media can be a tricky thing, even trickier if you happen to be the wildly famous Tsuabasa Masuwaka (she's a singer and model, sigh, jealousy).

Recently, she uploaded an Instagram video of fireworks she'd been watching with some friends. But the audio of the video fanned the flames of rumours that Tegoshi (from NEWS) and Masuwaka are dating! It led to an all-out inferno of comments left on her Instagram account, by Tegoshi fans, accusing the model of dating the singer and worse still, not even trying to hide it!

One said, "I am a fan, so I am very sure that is Tegoshi-kun's voice. You are not stupid enough to upload a video without checking the audio, are you? Thanks to you Tegoshi has lost tons of precious fans," and "Isn't that Instagram terrible? You are making many fans feel unpleasant. Even if you are the aggressive Tsu-chan (Masuwaka), you should still be more considerate."

Masuwaka has denied everything though...

"The rumors were not even true. Please be rest assured I have never dated and am not dating him. If the love rumors in magazines and on the internet are all true, then my love life will be very fulfilling"

Poor Muasuwaka! Here's hoping she DOES find love....To go with her talent, and money....and good looks. Urgh, so jealous.