6 Aug 2014 - 12:38 PM  UPDATED 6 Aug 2014 - 4:14 PM

This is the stuff that dreams are made of… but unfortunately that age old saying “only in the movies” most readily applies in this situation...

Former Miss Korea and actress Honey Lee talked openly about her kiss scene with TOP in the forthcoming movie they both star in “Tazza 2” during a showcase for the movie at Konkuk University,

We filmed our kiss scene for eight or nine hours, but it was on a rainy day.  On that day, we got hit by a lot of rain while filming and I could feel at the time that he was beginning to get a cold. His fever kept going up, but he still worked diligently, so I was surprised."

"While filming this movie, I was greatly surprised by the new sides to T.O.P.  After adapting to the movie set, he danced to the point the floor needed no cleaning and engaged in acting with complete fervour.  That behaviour was very impressionable.  The first time I saw him was seven to eight years ago.  He's become so much more mature since then and was good luck on the set with his manly vibe.

You can see bits of the film in this interview & trailer. TOP says, as part of the interview:

“Hi I am Choi Seung-hyun acting Ham Dae-gil in the movie named “Tazza (Gamble): Hand of God.”  The character is really hard to act because I feel a lot of pressure as I am playing a substitute for the existing character in the [original] comic.”

Read out more about the movie "Tazza: Hand of God" here.