Find out which anime pet you are most suited to owning...
7 Aug 2014 - 4:17 PM  UPDATED 7 Aug 2014 - 4:25 PM


Type: Winged cat called an ‘Exceed’

Anime: Fairy Tail

Happy is a very active little kitty and despite having no thumbs is able to hold things – especially with his tail. When using his magic he can grow a pair of large angel-like wings that are strong enough for him to fly carrying others.

Most like: a blue burmese kitten


Name: PLUE

Type: White celestial spirit with a cone nose and a shiver problem

Anime: RaveMaster/ Fairy Tail

Plue or Nikora is a Silver Key Celestial Spirit that has no obvious combat abilities, but he is super cute. He cannot speak besides saying "puu-puun" and his body is often shaking nervously.

Most like: a Chihuahua!


Name: Mokona

Type: Fluffy magical rabbit

Anime: Magic Knight Rayearth/ Tsubasa Chornicles

Mokona is a male fluffy, bunny-like creature. What exactly Mokona is, is unknown. Mokona only uses the word "puu" accented in different ways and body language.

Most like: a pet rabbit (surprise)


Name: Kero-chan (Keroberos / Cerberus)

Type: Usually looks like a winged yellow teddy bear, true form is a winged lion

Anime: Card Captor Sakura

He is one of the two Guardians of the Clow Cards created by Clow Reed, along with Yue. By nature, Kero-chan is bossy, demanding and gluttonous, but he is also genuinely caring.

Most like: a tom cat


Name: KON

Type: Possessed lion plushie

Anime: Bleach

Kon occupies the body of a small stuffed lion for most of the time and can be very cheeky and can sometime even be cocky and opinionated! But he will never kill anything and risk his own life to save even the lowliest of creatures.

Most like: a Golden Retriever


Name: Pikachu

Type: Electric pokemon

Anime: Pokemon

Pikachu is a short, chubby rodent Pokémon. Pikachu is able to release electric discharges of varying intensity to avoid complications.

Most like: A mouse


Name: P-chan/ Ryoga

Type: Teacup pig, true form is a human boy

Anime: Ranma ½

He has no sense of direction and is always lost on long strenuous journeys - traits he inherited from his parents – but he is very loving. When not upset, P-chan is usually shy, humble, helpful, well-intended, and polite.

Most like: a guinea pig


Name: Riiya

Type: Cutest little white baby wolf, true form is human boy

Anime: Akazukin Cha Cha

Riiya is actually a young boy with great strength and an equally great appetite who has the ability to transform into a young white wolf at will, but is often mistaken as a dog. He will fight for your affection!

Most like: a samoyed


Name: Inuki

Type: Inugami (dog/wolf spirit…like a Direwolf from GOT)

Anime: X

Inuki is a spirit dog (he can only be seen by others with occult powers) who always stays by his mistresses’ side and is a powerful guardian.

Most like: a husky


Name: Nii-chan

Type: Four-leaf clover familiar

Anime: Aoi Exorcist

A Greenman who has the ability to grow plants of any sort from his body. He can create a cocoon of branches in order to protect someone.

Most like: a pet pot plant