Becoming a professional blood sucker is a legit dream... isn't it?
20 Aug 2014 - 3:14 PM  UPDATED 20 Aug 2014 - 5:30 PM

At a loss at what career path you should take? Don't let reality stand in your way! Match the skills you have with your desired profession here... your dreams of becoming a vampire could well come true.


6. Service Industry

Do you live to serve others? Do your skills include cooking, cleaning and keeping everything in its correct order? Do you want a snappy uniform? Can you make tea? Or maybe your service skills lie in simply bringing happiness to others by wooing them and letting them see their inner beauty.

It is the happiness of others that is your concern and to that end you'll work tirelessly to provide those around you with what they need, perhaps before they even knew they needed it.

If you work hard enough, you may just turn out to be one HELL of a butler!

Possible Jobs: Butler (obviously) cook, maid, member of a Host Club.

5. Entertainment Industry

You have a skill. You can sing, you can dance and you're just a great person to be around. But you're not content with simply sharing yourself with those in your personal life. No, that would be greedy. Instead, you need to share yourself with the world!

Possible Jobs: Idol, model, actress/actor, singer

4. Mystical

If you have the urge to play with the fabric of time and space, then this career path may be for you. Or maybe you want to defy reality by being a mystical creature that will live FOREVER!

What's that? Being a vampire isn't a career goal? WHO SAYS?! They're wrong!

If you choose the mystical career path, be prepared for people to say "That's impossible" and be resolved to prove them wrong. Your only limitation is those created within your mind.

Possible Jobs: Wizards, warlocks, mages, general wise-person, mythical creature.

3. Warrior

SMASH, CRUSH, DESTROY! From ninjas to the pilots of mechas, if you enjoy a good brawl then this career path is for you.  If actions speak louder than words, then you've got the biggest voice of them all! You don't need fairy dust and wands to get your point across. You don't need a greater understanding of the cosmos; you only need your fists and maybe a weapon.

Are you on the side of good, or the side of evil? Who knows - who cares?! PEW, PEW, SLASH, CRUSH!

Possible Jobs: Ninja, enforcer, brawler, knight, technologically 'enhanced' killing machine.

2. Outcast

Whether you are a lone wolf because you don't need to have your heart torn out again, or you’re railing against an unfair world order, the “outcast” career path is for you.  The rules are made to be ignored or broken, the rules are the problem and you, YOU are the solution!

Possible Jobs: Bounty Hunters, Space Pirates, Princes Who Lead Rebellions

1. Law Enforcement/Authority


You are the order in a chaotic universe, or maybe you're just interested in moulding young minds.  You are strict, disciplined and committed to the greater good.  But the rules are important and you refuse to ignore them and employ the careless tactics that some others (namely those in the ‘Outcast’ order) engage in.

Possible Jobs: Commanders of armies, teachers, trainers, council Member