Sometimes, stockings just ain't enough...
25 Aug 2014 - 3:42 PM  UPDATED 25 Aug 2014 - 6:18 PM

The MTV VMAs 2014 are upon us today and aside from seeing who picks up awards for best MV & choreography etc., there is nothing like snooping as the red carpet fashion trails through the crowds and think to yourself...

  1. “OMG. What in the world are they wearing?!” or
  2. “Damn girl, you got it going on” or
  3. “I need a fan… STAT” or
  4. “I need a bucket… STAT”

I think number 1 (& maybe 4) applies to Wiz Khalifa’s partner, Amber Rose’s chainmail excuse for a dress. What the?!?!?!

Moving onto Asian pop awards night fashion, let’s take a look at some of the hits and misses of the past years at either the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs), the Golden Disc Awards or the Melon awards.

1. 2NE1 - HIT

2NE1 rarely go wrong. They have such a cool mix of edge and class, and being dressed by Jeremy Scott always helps, but in this case at the 2011 MAMAs they rocked a variety of faux-fur-trimmed styles and blew eveyone away. 

Special commendation goes to Dara's hair stylist and his/her atomic spray.


A swashbuckling Block B pushed the Victorian sailor theme to its limits at the 2012 Mnet Awards. I think B-Bomb was last in the room when costumes were handed out...



Girls' Generation rarely have a fashion faux pas, they are all so pretty they could all pull off anything really! There's definitely a lot of frills and girly glitz in their 2011 MAMA Award fashion concept (a little too much for me) but it totally suited their image at the time.    


4. f(x) - HIT

f(x) totally nailed their look at the 28th Annual Golden Disk Awards. Just the right amount of leather. Nailed it!

5. Hyuna & Hyunseung - MISS

And then there was that year when HyunA forgot to wear pants...

That is the only reason they are a 'miss'. Hyuna & Hyunseung looked perfect otherwise at the 2012 MAMA awards.

6. SHINee - HIT

SHINee at the Mnet 20s Choice Awards... I think Key's pants are wearing him. 


T-ARA at the 27th Golden Disk Awards: boots 9/10, jackets 3/10.

8. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - HIT

When is Kyary not a hit? She isn't fashionable - she IS fashion! Her outfit at the 2012 MTV VMAs was no exception.

9. EXO - HIT

A lot of people thought the suits were a bit of a boring choice for the EXO boys at the 2013 MAMAs, but I think they look sharp! Someone call the doctor...


Hmm not sure about your 2013 Youtube Awards choice of jacket Show... you're also a hot pink beacon for fan girls! Dangerous!


Just because...

G-Dragon's pants and Daesung's ruffle FTW!

Do you agree? Hit us up with your hits and misses in the comments