Simon and Martina went on a South Korean road trip this week! Find out what they got up to...
Eat Your Kimchi

31 Aug 2014 - 6:40 PM  UPDATED 1 Sep 2014 - 6:45 PM

It's road trip time!!! What did Simon and Martina discover on their South Korean journey...

You'll have to listen to find out... they did aquire some interesting injuries in their travels though. 

 - What about trends emerging among idols when they go out to the countryside/farming/rural areas? SImon and Martina go through a few.

 - There are some other kooky trends going on in Korea right now too – toddler ‘boop-squeak’ shoes - we'll let they guys explain what they are.  

What's hot on the internetz in Korea right now: 

- Establishments starting to ban children from cafes, saunas, bath houses, etc. WHAAAA?

- What are some of the Netizen reactions to the new rules. 

Ice Bucket Challenge:

- What's been positive and negative about K-pop stars taking up the challenge. 

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