When you're feeling this bad... you need to be rescued by fluid-y goodness.
3 Sep 2014 - 5:55 PM  UPDATED 3 Sep 2014 - 6:01 PM

It's still cold and flu season and the dreaded Cold Monster has invaded the lands with it's "army of sneeze".

There is but one hope for humanity...

Jpop Nation host KITTY EM (yes I am referring to myself in 3rd person) scaled a large mountain top (that looks suspiciously like crumpled up, used tissues) to bring back this....THE SOUP THAT CURES EVERYTHING!

Kitty Em's Rescue Soup - guaranteed to cure everything, except Zombieism and possibly colds. In fact, it might not cure anything... but it doesn't taste terrible.


Cup of corn niblets.
Cup of peas
Cup of enoki mushrooms 
2 cups of stock
2 cups of tofu
3 gloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of miso


Put garlic in some oil in the pot. Wait till it looks like it's cooking. (Because you have no sense of smell. Everything smells of nothing).

Pour in stock, with tofu. Cook for a while. 

Throw in corn and peas (not LITERALLY throw them in, unless you're a good shot, in which case, go for it!)

Chop up enoki mushrooms. (I like to wash mine first because, I dunno I just do....family tradition?) and put them in the soup.

Taste soup. If bland, put in more stock, or some marjoram, or more garlic which is always a good option.

Stir miso in some warmish water away from the the soup, so it disolves into a nice watery paste. Add in about 5 minutes before serving.


*WARNING: Measurements are just a guide. Kitty Em doesn't really measure anything while making soup. KITTY EM SMASH! And sneeze. And fall asleep watching anime while drooling....

What are your favourite foods when sick? Got any recipes that cure EVERYTHING?! (Including recipes that cure hunger.....-stomach rumbles-)

<3 Kitty Em