You don't want to miss this... Rome shares his thoughts on dating as an idol.
4 Sep 2014 - 3:56 PM  UPDATED 4 Sep 2014 - 9:14 PM

Rome's feeling the love this week... he's got dating on his mind. Maybe because he's not gettng any younger... it IS his birthday on Saturday!

What else is going down in Rome's world: 

  • Rome thinks Taemin is a sexy guy, but Taemin says he doesn’t have much experience meeting girls/dating! Hard to believe isn't it? 
  • C-Clown’s Ray is friends with WINNER’s Taehyun and has heard that life as a trainee in the bigger, more competitive companies is like “living in the wild” - find out what that means. 
  • Rome shares his thoughts on dating as an idol. Oooooooh 


Rome’s Week:

  • Chuseok holiday is coming up - what does that mean for Korean's?
  • Rome visited and performed at schools this week 
  • One school principal announced C-Clown’s name as “Circle Town” LOL
  • Did we hear that correctly, Rome is thinking about visiting Australia sometime soon?!?!?

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