More information has come to light surrounding the cause of Ladies' Code's fatal accident.
4 Sep 2014 - 1:46 PM  UPDATED 4 Sep 2014 - 11:23 PM

More detailed reports are coming to light surrounding the Ladies’ Code car accident that sadly killed EunB and left fellow members Rise and Sojung in a serious condition in hospital.

According to Yongin Fire Department who first arrived at the scene, the driver of the van allegedly attempted to avoid collision with another vehicle that skidded toward the Ladies’ Code van due to the heavy rain.  It was first thought the van experienced a tire blow out.

In a statement to Star Today, Polaris Entertainment revealed, “The vehicle was being driven for the first time on the day of the accident. We are extremely upset that after experiencing problems with our managements vehicle, we received a new car from the rental center and still a tragedy like this occurred.”

The manager is not new to driving, and while he has been working as a road manager he has never had an accident like this.”

The van has now been admitted for forensic analysis. 

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Yongin Fire Department told Newsen, “The emergency squad that was first to arrive at the scene reported it.  In order to maintain and control scene of the accident, 11 emergency vehicles and 32 fire fighter personnel were at the scene.”

EunB died en route to the hospital, while Rise remains in ICU after her brain surgery was aborted when blood pressure fell to a dangerous level. Sojung is currently recovering from surgery for fractures and is in a more stable condition.

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Source: Newsen, SBS Associated Press, Star Today