Polaris entertainment have released a statement on the welfare of the remaining members.
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KBS have uploaded a video of Ladies' Code's last performance of "Kiss Kiss" live on their network. It's heartbreaking to watch, but show the girls some love by checking it out here (embedding has been disabled):

Click to watch Ladies' Code perform 'Kiss Kiss' for the final time live

Ladies' Code's agency, Polaris Entertainment, have also released a tribute to Rise & EunB who sadly lost their lives in the form of a music video montage to "I'm Fine Thank You". This will bring a tear to your eye. RIP Rise & EunB.  


IN EARLIER NEWS: Ladies’ Code’s Sojung likely to stay in hospital for months

After the terribly sad news of Ladies Code's Rise's passing, 4 days after fellow member EunB lost her life following the tragic road accident that rocked the world last week, finally some positive news.

Ladies' Code member Sojung is recovering well, although it is predicted she will have to remain in hospital for at least a few more months. 

Polaris Entertainment stated to Newsen on September 10, “Sojung is recovering well from the surgery. When her conditions improves she will leave the hospital, but for the time being she will be treated here. Because she knows that everyone is going through a difficult time, Sojung doesn’t complain about how hard it is. She is not receiving psychological treatment right now, but if its needed it will be given to her.”

Wishing you all the best with your recovery Sojung.

Ladies' Code's Rise’s funeral attended by family, friends & K-pop idols



Polaris Ent. release statement: Ladies’ Code’s Rise passes away:

In tragic news on Sunday, September 7, Ladies' Code's Rise has also passed away. Rise had been in a coma since her emergency surgery after the fatal car accident the girl group were involved in that also claimed the life of fellow member EunB.

Polaris Entertainment announced,

"Ladies' Code's RiSe has passed away to the heavens at 10:10 AM on the 7th, at 23 years of age."

They continued, "At the time of the accident on the 3rd, RiSe obtained a big injury to her head and was moved to the hospital. She was operated on as much as possible for a long time, but she has ultimately passed away. Her parents, who came from Japan, and the label employees stayed with her at the end. We are sorry to give another sad news since the late EunB and we cannot hide our sorrow."

Our hearts go out to Ladies' Code's members, family and friends. Truely tragic news.

The agency announced on September 6, "Sojung received a surgery for a fracture on the 5th. The results were successful, and she's currently recovering. Her face was extremely swollen, but it's now calmed down a lot."



IN EARLIER NEWS (5/09/14):

Polaris Entertainment has confirmed that Sojung is stable and not in critical condition following surgery for a facial fracture. She is yet to be informed of fellow member EunB’s death. Rise still remains unconscious in a critial condition.

EunB's wake attended by family and over 50 celebrities friends


IN EARLIER NEWS (4/09/14): 

Sojung is reported to be scheduled for further surgery today, this time to a facial fracture she sustained during Ladies' Code's recent car crash which claimed the life of fellow member EunB.

Polaris Entertainment spoke on behalf of Sojung, “After being hospitalized, she gained consciousness and spoke a few words. She still does not know of EunB’s passing. We decided that it was the best decision to not tell her the truth to maintain a good condition before her surgery tomorrow.”

Rise remains unconscious in ICU at this stage. 

Hit the audio tab above ^ to hear Jinsun Lane from the SBS Korean Program give a detailed analysis of the situation. 



In the wake of yesterday’s fatal car crash, in which Ladies’ Code’s EunB died, two remaining members of the K-pop girl group Rise & Sojung remain in unstable conditions.

Click to read Polaris Entertainment's official statement regarding the death of EunB  

Rise was reported to have undergone three major surgeries for a serious head injury sustained during the incident; a fourth surgery was eventually cancelled when her blood pressure fell rapidly and CPR was required. 

A Polaris Entertainment representative recently released a statement concerning the remaining girls’ welfare,

"Sojung will be undergoing surgery where she got a fracture.  As for Ashley and Zuny, it's a relief that their injuries are not severe, but they are badly in shock and undergoing multiple examinations and treatments.

RiSe is still not conscious yet, and our company staff are taking shifts watching over her and waiting for her to get better. Her family has also been by her side all night.”

A memorial service for EunB took place at the Ajou University Hospital after her family: mother, father and  younger sibling arrived.

They also made a statement to the Yongin Seobu Police,

"We went to the hospital after being contacted at daybreak," "She entered the hospital in a deceased state.  There was no medical malpractice," and, "We heard that she was on her way to her dorms after attending the recording of KBS's 'Open Concert' in Daegu."

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Source: Koreaboo, OSEN, AllKpop