The guys talk about a K-drama they've recently got into and how it compares to real life in South Korea...
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14 Sep 2014 - 2:22 PM  UPDATED 21 Sep 2014 - 1:59 PM

This week, Simon and Martina are still recovering from excess deliscious food consumption over the Chuseok holiday. Soo Zee's mum made some special treats for them. But what else has been going down..?

Simon & Martina have just started to get into classic K-drama "Reply 1997" and it's there new favourite drama! Find out how the drama compares to real life: 

  • In its depiction of real life students and the evolution of the "fangirl" Korean pop culture
  • How it adresses issues involving growing up: Puberty and sexuality are very well presented and explored
  • Even extreme/sasaeng fan culture is explored and depth is given to these characters. Without glorifying the actions, they depict the consequences of extreme fan culture in a very well rounded way. 

Simon & Martina also talk about new releases in K-pop!

The guys dicuss:

  • 2PM's ‘Go Crazy’
  • WINNER’s Minho ‘He’s Me’
  • SISTAR ‘Touch My Body’ (Glen Check Remix) – very cool official remix by Korean Indie group Glen Check

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