Seoul is finally cooling down, but some new trends are just heating up in South Korea. Simon & Martina let you in on them.
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23 Sep 2014 - 11:55 AM  UPDATED 28 Sep 2014 - 1:52 PM

Simon and Martina talk couple clothing trends in Korea this week as the Seoul summer finally comes to an end.  

  • Couples dressing the same – same shirts/pants, even matching accessories/bags/hats - it's out of control!
  • Friends matching clothes too – inverse/opposite colours of the same clothes and designs. 

This week the guys also cover some interesting new changes to school rules in South Korea:

  • A local government in Korea (Gyeonggi-do) is changing laws on the time when schools start – from 8:20 to 9am.
  • Previously, students were at school for much longer hours (added to that, out of school tutoring) due to the high demands and expectations for entrance to universities.
  • The argument is that students are currently overworked, even skipping breakfast to self-study before class starts – often times falling asleep and not being able to self-study. Surprisingly a majority of parents are against the change.

What is the deal with baby shows in Korea (Superman Returns & Daddy, Where Are We Going?)? They have really taken off. 

  • Shows feature celebrity fathers as they go on adventures/do everyday things with their young children without the mothers.
  • Studies are showing that these shows are encouraging fathers to spend more time with their children out and about, even without the mothers around.

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