D.O. recently opened up about his acting debut and how he overcame obstacles on set.
24 Sep 2014 - 12:51 PM  UPDATED 24 Sep 2014 - 1:21 PM

EXO’s D.O.’s new movie ‘Cart’ is set for release in South Korea soon and it marks the idol’s first appearance in a major role on the big screen.

D.O. spoke about how his acting debut in ‘Cart’ progressed,

"I was nervous because they're veteran sunbaenims (respected seniors), but they all cheered me on so I learned a lot while filming... Yeom Jung Ah sunbaenim, especially, treated me comfortably like my real mother so I was able to loosen up."

Co-star Jiwoo in an earlier interview with Newsen, spoke about what it was like acting with EXO’s D.O. especially as his love interest! She said, “When I first saw D.O-oppa, it was really strange. I thought, ‘EXO is here!'”, and “My friends are EXO fans too”.

Jiwoo also praised D.O.’s acting, continuing, “[D.O] Oppa has a good personality and he’s good at acting too. Because he’s good at singing, he’s got a good tone and his enunciation is good, too. I think he has a lot of ambition when it comes to acting. It’s his first time acting, so he shouldn’t have much technique, but he’s good. Whilst monitoring himself, he gets a bit disappointed (t/n: 아쉬워한다; he feels like he could do better) and embarrassed, so when I saw that, I thought, “He could really become an actor“.

'Cart' will be showcased at the 'Toronto International Film Festival' ('TIFF'), Busan International Film Festival ('BIFF'), and Hawaii International Film Festival('HIFF').

‘Cart’ will premiere in Korea this November. 

‘Cart’ tells the story of the struggles of a single mum after she was laid off in a megastore as a contract worker. "Cart centres on the employees of a large discount retail store and their collective efforts to combat the company's exploitive practices." [TIFF] D.O plays the mother's (Yeom Jungah) son.

Watch the 'Cart' trailer here [with English subs]:

Source: Newsen, Soompi, AllKpop, TIFF.