There sure are some interesting quirks to dorm life!
28 Sep 2014 - 12:50 PM  UPDATED 28 Sep 2014 - 1:28 PM

SECRET’s Hana and Hyosung guested recently on KBS 2TV’s show 'Quiz Show Four Musketeers', where they openly laughed about the quirks of sharing a dorm for 5 years now.

In response to the MCs’ question of how well the two know each other, Hana revealed, "As everyone knows, Hyosung unni is famous for being a bagel girl (that's a gorgeous girl with curves). I know very well because I've showered with her. She is the owner of a very nice body with incredible good points."

Hyosung burst into laughter, before responding, "[Hana] sleeps by making an S-line with her body. It's okay for her to sleep comfortably, but she sleeps like this, [imitating Hana's sleeping pose],” and everyone watching burst into laughter.

The SECRET girls don’t seem to take themselves too seriously and it’s super endearing!