BIGBANG's Seungri has been rushed to hospital again for further testing after he fainted.
30 Sep 2014 - 2:34 PM  UPDATED 30 Sep 2014 - 4:35 PM

BIGBANG’s Seungri was reportedly hospitalised after developing a dangerously high fever during the Incheon Asian Games concert.

According to OSEN, Seungri fainted after his fever reached 40 degrees Celsius. He is now receiving treatment in hospital.  

Allegedly doctors originally recommended Seungri have surgery during his 2 weeks stay following his car accident, however he was discharged in order to resume promotional activities.  

YG Entertainment has released a statement confirming Seungri’s hospitalisation, "Seungri’s health is the most important. Seungri wanted to attend the performance in Incheon’s Asian Games closing ceremony after his car accident and police investigations, but YG CEO Yang Hyunsuk insisted that he focused on getting better."

BIGBANG's Seungri is currently in the hospital receiving additional tests to detect for possible liver haemorrhages. 

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