From the concert stage to the big screen - there is simply no stopping these idols...
8 Oct 2014 - 3:29 PM  UPDATED 8 Oct 2014 - 5:29 PM

Most Asian pop idols have a crack at acting on top of singing and dancing… but some of them find it harder to look back when they sudddenly discover how talented they are! Here is a list of such artists…  

1. Bigbang – TOP

At first we all thought Bigbang’s TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) didn’t move his mouth enough to make a foray into the acting world, but boy were we wrong! His KBS2 drama debut “I Am Sam got other people talking and his recent film roles in “The Commitment” and “Tazza 2” – a box office smash – has firmly cemented his feet on the theatrical stage.   

2. Super Junior – Siwon

Let’s face, if Super Junior’s Siwon hadn’t wanted to become an actor, he would have surely been pushed into it – HE’S SO HANDSOME! Looks aside, he’s proven to be more than accomplished receiving praises for his debut co-star Henry Lau (he’s kind of a big deal) in the film “A Battle of Wits”. The praises followed for his lead roles in the SBS drama “Athena: Goddess of Warand KBS drama “Poseidon”.      

3. Apink – Eunji

Apink main vocalist Eunji is more than just a cutesy face. She made her acting debut in the hugely popular “Reply 1997” which won her several awards including the Baeksang Arts Award for “Best New TV Actress” and scored Apink some more notoriety in the process. She then scored a lead role in SBS’s “The Winter, The Wind Blows” & picked up some network awards in stride.

4. Arashi - Jun Matsumoto

Jun Matsumoto actually started out as actor before he became one of 5 members of Arashi for which he is best known (by our audience at least). He first gained notoriety in the live action adaptation of the manga “Gokusen”, but did you know his first taste of the stage was alongside future band mates Masaki Aiba and Kazunari Ninomiya? They all starred in a Japanese version of the American play “Stand By Me”. There must have been instant chemistry!

5. Miss A – Suzy

Miss A’s Suzy shot to K-drama fame for her role on KBS2’s “Dream High” but became a box office queen and recipient of 4 separate awards for her film debut in the 2012 romance “Architecture 101”. She went on to score another lead role in “Dorihwaga” alongside household name Ryu Seung-ryong: the film is set for release in 2015.

6. JYJ – Yoochun

It was Park Yoochun’s choice of television dramas that cemented him as a serious actor in the eyes of many JYJ (or TVXQ) fans. He jumped from the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” to the melodrama “Miss Ripley” tackling challenging roles in both and went on to star in the Academy Award nominated film “Sea Fog” this year – a film about 25 Korean-Chinese illegal immigrants who suffocated to death in the storage tank of the fishing vessel. Yoochun is definitely a serious actor that means serious business.

7. Leehom Wang


Leehom Wang was already a big name in China (and not technically an idol) by the time he dipped his toes into feature films – he already had 5 albums under his belt! But it was his part as a patriotic college student in director Ang Lee’s (“Life of Pi") award winning “Lust, Caution” that gave him the credibility as an actor he was hoping for. That and starring alongside Jackie Chan!

8. Fahrenheit - Jiro Wang

Jiro Wang’s acting career “Started with a Kiss” – literally – when he landed his first role in a drama spruiking the same name and he has starred in almost 20 different Chinese and Taiwanese TV dramas ever since. He’s also soooo pretty – that counts doesn’t it?

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