Your favourite series has ended, what do you do? What do you DO?!
8 Oct 2014 - 4:28 PM  UPDATED 8 Oct 2014 - 5:04 PM

SO your favourite series has ended... it's the end of the world, RIGHT?!


I mean, unless zombies happen. They probably won't happen... Not yet anyway. Even if they did, the important thing to do is to get through this.

That's where I come in!

Follow these steps, padwan, and together, we can get through this!

Naruto’s manga is ending next month. It’s very sad, but it is the way of anime and manga fandom and I have the way you can get through this trying time.

1. Just. Can’t. Even. For a while.


Whether you’ve just finished the first series and then discovered that “Nope, there IS no more The Devil Is A Part-Timer or Ouran High”. Or whether you knew this was coming, it’s important to really reflect on how UTTERLY UNFAIR your situation is. This is completely the most unfair thing that ever happened to someone who totally didn’t deserve it. It’s like life made a cake filled with unfair cream and topped it with injustice sprinkles and cruel icing.

Why life? Why did you give me this cake of unfairness?!

 2. Let the world know how you feel.


Whether it’s a blog post, a status update or just saying to someone “This series ended and it hurts my everything”, it’s important to get those feelings out.

3. Experience the magic again.

If it’s a manga that’s finished, maybe try watching the anime. If it’s the anime that’s finished, read the manga.

Or, re-watch and re-read! If it’s a particularly long running series (like Naruto) it’s easy to have forgotten little parts about the beginning. It’s a rediscovery!



4. Find something new.

I was heartbroken when I realised I’d spent an entire night watching "Ouran High", only to find that there WAS no more!

A series ending can be sad, but it also means that you have time to explore other mangas and animes and fall in love all over again!

Or, it’s time for you to start working on your Cosplay costume devoted to the series that’s ended, so that none will ever forget it!

How do you get over the ending of a series you love?