J-Pop Presenter Kitty Em shares her top 9 animes for Halloween....Are your favourites in there?
29 Oct 2014 - 6:04 PM  UPDATED 30 Oct 2014 - 5:06 PM

9. Fairy Tail (PG)

That’s not scary at ALL, Kitty Em! Your list is completely wrong!

You’d think that…. But if you’re not really into gruesome things, while still loving stories with magic and demons, then Fairy Tail might be just what you need for a Halloween night!

There’s also SO MANY ideas for dressing up over Halloween.


8. The Devil Is A Part-Timer (M)

It’s barely scary, if at all. But there’s some great supernatural themes in there and it’s a fun series with loads of clever references to stores we have here (like when they drink coffee, they get it from Moonbucks! LOL!)

Unfortunately, it only went for one series.  On the upside, you can spend an entire day watching it, then get ready to celebrate Halloween

7. Rozen Maiden (PG)

Dolls that come to life. It’s actually one of my biggest fears because dolls are creepy and you can’t tell me they’re not. Well you can, but I don't know why you'd lie like that.


6. Black Butler (MA 15+)

Why isn’t this at NUMBER 1? I hear you say, I thought you LOVED Black Butler!

Black Butler can be a little scary, it has super natural themes and has it’s dark moments. However, it’s not really very scary.  If you’re looking for something to get you in the mood to Cosplay for Halloween, or ideas for a steampunk style outfit, then this is the series for you!

Even though it is possibly one of my most favourite anime’s of all time, I can’t let that sway my decisions in what is the best anime for Halloween. A JPop announcer who can’t do that much, isn’t worth her salt…. (Plus I have the feeling Sebas-chan likes the number 6 best of all!)


5 Vampire Hunter D (M)

It may be a little oldschool these days. But Vampire Hunter D was probably the first anime I’d ever seen, that didn’t involve giant robots (I love you Voltron Lion Force) or intricate battles with cards.  It’s quite a dark film, not a lot of smiling and plenty of people gritting their teeth and holding back tears.

4. Vampire Knight (M)

Deadly weapons, vicious vampires who lose their minds with their lust for blood and a love story, Vampire Knight has just about everything. Like the Cross Academy itself, there are light and dark moments, but always an underlying dread.

Plus, Zero. Because reasons…


3. Attack On Titan (MA 15+)



It is the biggest anime right now. A world where Titans (giants) prey on humanity, who are protected within the walls of the last human settlement.

Very few characters are ‘safe’ in the Attack On Titan world, which is just part of what makes this series great.

You can actually catch it on SBS2 (Tuesdays 11:00 PM), or SBS On Demand.


2. Death Note (M)

Shinigamis, notebooks that kill people, apples…. It doesn’t get much scarier. There’s also considerable amount of sugar consumption within it. I dare you to watch this series and then NOT have the urge to eat like L does!

1.Tokyo Ghoul-


It’s not been rated yet, but you have to be at least over 15 to watch it on Anime Lab.

Despite it being my top pick, I don’t recommend it for everyone. It’s incredibly violent and not everyone likes that sort of thing.

If you’re not one for gore or really, really creepy stuff, then don’t watch this series.

It’s set in a world where ghouls exist. They are creatures that live within human society, but must feed on humans in order to survive. Humans are aware of the presence of ghouls, but the relationship is not good (they have a special police force).

As much as there is a lot of violence and gore, it’s not senseless. There’s a very real story behind Tokyo Ghoul, but it can be incredibly painful to watch.

 Now tell me, what animes am I missing? Which anime should TOTALLY be watched during Halloween? Let me know in the comments.