Halloween has come and gone and how did the Asian Popstars celebrate? And who did they dress up as!
3 Nov 2014 - 2:48 PM  UPDATED 3 Nov 2014 - 4:17 PM

1. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as The Corpse Bride

Twitter revealed Kyary spent Halloween with SEKAI NO OWARI (The band her rumoured-boyfriend, Fukase, belongs to).

She also snapped a pic with Tim Burton! (Who apparently thought her outfit was "wonderful" but we're not even surprised!


2. Goto Maki as Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Tim Burton themed costumes must have been in style for J-Pop stars though, with Tokyo Hive reporting that Goto Maki dressed as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas


3. JJCC did a Halloween themed dance practice!



 Watch this all the way through, you might love it!

4. Jaejoong dressed up as a vampire!

Just for the record, we wouldn't mind an 'interview' with this particular vampire.....

5. The Halloween Junky Orchestra

Every year the VAMPS hold a Halloween Party and loads of J-Pop stars perform throughout the course of about a week.

But the Halloween Junky Orchestra is a musical collaboration effort between the VAMPS and other JPop stars. Tommy Feburary6, Daigo and Rina from Scandal are part of the Halloween Junky Orchestra. It’s led by Hyde and KAZ (who you might know from VAMPS).


6. Jamaica and Andy as vampires!

Not quite Asian Pop stars, but we couldn’t NOT mention our SBSPopAsia TV hosts who dressed up to keep the Halloween party going on Sunday morning!

If you missed them, you can check them out On Demand and remember SBSPopAsia TV now on Sundays from 9AM on SBS2.

Which stars do you think had the best costumes? Did we leave anyone out? Let us know!