If you could choose from the animated and famous, who would YOU take to your formal?
12 Nov 2014 - 3:45 PM  UPDATED 13 Nov 2014 - 1:02 PM

It’s formal time again in Australia and what better way to celebrate than day dreaming about who you would take, if you could, from the J-pop universe! (Anime characters included because... I want them to be!)

Click to see the top 6 J-pop & anime girls you should take to your formal


6. Fukase from Sekai No Owari

Sure, so his girlfriend is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu so you might just be going as friends.  But he’s very, very sweet and even promised to protect Kyary Pamyu Pamyu just recently on Twitter. He’ll be fun to hang around with too! Unless you like clowns, then you might have some problems

5. Spike from Cowboy Beebop

Spike is a bad boy, but a romantic at heart. No, he won’t show up looking immaculately dressed, but you won’t care. Plus, Jet will probably show up to chaperone you, so if your car breaks down on the way there, he’ll know how to fix it!

4. Sebastian Michaelis

With Sebastian as your date, you’d arrive at the formal on time and would be attended to throughout the entire night. Any formal date who can’t do that much, isn’t worth his salt! Too bad you can’t choose him as your date because he’s mine…MINE I TELL YOU!


3. Tuxedo Mask


He’s sauve, sophisticated and comes with his own tux. What more could you want? 

2. Jin Akanishi


 I have a feeling he’d look a little like Spike from Cowboy Beebop when it came to dressing up for the night, except he could serenade you throughout the night. Plus he has a guitar that shoots lasers.


1. Arashi, yes, all of them!

Sakurai- Would be witty, attentive, well dressed and he has his own suit from that time he was a butler!

Nino- He’ll definitely have you laughing throughout the night and he’s just so cute!

Ohno- You’ll be taken seriously and be going with the leader of Arashi.

MJ (Matsumoto Jun)- Dude is just seriously good looking, plus he’s fairly laid back. Also comes with own suit.

Aiba- Okay, so if Vs Arashi is anything to go by, he might accidentally step on your toes while dancing or declare himself the greatest at sports (even though he's not). But he’ll make you laugh and will try EXTRA hard to make your night a special one!

Did I miss your fave dream date? Hit me up in the comments!