EXO's Tao is back on his Weibo account... and we're happier for it.
18 Nov 2014 - 3:34 PM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2014 - 3:37 PM

EXO’s Tao is back posting on his Weibo account after a mini-hiatus and he has some deep thoughts to share. You can tell the group have been through a lot this year from his words…

EXO’s Tao’s Weibo account update:

”生活有时候太充实笑容就变多了,内心就不会空虚不再寂寞了。一切都是那么的幸福美满。把手张开再握上其实我们就会发现,每一个人的人生,其实一直都是由自己掌握着,只是很多人都没有发现而已。 想了一想,自己好像好久没发微博了,对不起大家~其实我很想你们。一定会回来看大家的。希望你们一切都好


“When living a very fulfilling life there will be more smiles, hearts won’t be so empty and lonely. Everything is so happy and beautiful. If you open your hand and close it again actually we will realise, everyone’s life, is actually in our own hands, it’s just that many people never notice. Having thought about it, it’s like I haven’t posted on Weibo in a while, sorry everyone~ Actually I miss you all a lot. I will be back to see you all. I hope you are all well.”