J-Pop girl group Momoiro Clover Z are once more teaming up with a rocking western act to create something awesome.
19 Nov 2014 - 5:21 PM  UPDATED 19 Nov 2014 - 5:27 PM

We've all heard of VS. Arashi, but who EVER thought of Momoiro Clover Z vs KISS?!

The official KISS website has revealed that J-pop girl group Momoiro Clover Z and the rockers have teamed up for a single, a music video and they’ll be performing together for a dome concert!

This isn’t the first time Momoiro Clover Z have teamed up with a western act. They teamed up with Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman to create “Infinite Love” (a song that fans of the anime "Bodacious Space Pirates" will know).

Two versions of their latest single will be made available, the Momoiro Clover Z version and the KISS version.

TokyoHive have reported the single will be called "Momoiro Clover Z vs KISS".

It’s expected to be released on January 28, 2015.