Watch as the digital forensic analyst takes you through his expert comparison...

Rain’s nude photo scandal that rocked the K-pop world recently has now drawn in expert analysts and legal advisors, both alleging the photo is a fake.

SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' enlisted a special guest for their November 19 episode, a digital forensics expert, who pointed out the intricate differences between Rain and the man see showering in the photo. Take a look at the clip:

This news supports Rain’s testimony that the photo is not of him and that his girlfriend Kim Tae Hee did not lose her phone from which the photo was allegedly stolen from.

Rain and his management have recently filed legal action against the perpetrator.

His lawyer stated. “We decided that these rumours were of a malicious nature, and filed a criminal complaint on the basis of spreading false information and defamation."

"Including the original source, we reported approximately 20~30 people," they said. "If the case becomes clear that libel was the intent, the punishment can range from up to seven years in prison or 50 million won (approx. $50,000 AUD) in fines."


Source: SBS, AllKpop