Seriously... this is what every Asian Drama fan hates hearing. *blocks ears*
27 Nov 2014 - 6:31 PM  UPDATED 28 Nov 2014 - 11:14 AM

Being a lover of Asian Drama is like being part of rare group. Non-fans do not understand our passion and fascination for the Asian drama land. Although we love our friends and family, sometimes they say and do things we Asian drama fans hate.

 “He looks like a girl”

He may look feminine but, if you give our hero a chance you would see how manly he really is! And, so what if he looks like a girl? Don’t hate on the hero just because he has better hair than you! 

 “Why are you getting so emotional? It’s just a drama”

There's the happy feeling when the heroine meets the hero, the frustrated feeling from ‘second lead’ syndrome, don’t get us started on the emotional ‘OTP’ roller coaster.

Only an Asian drama can make we fans cry tears of happiness, frustration and then sadness in one sitting. Do you think we care about what we look like when we morph into the ugly cry? Why you cold hearted…


 “English Subtitles? No thanks”

It’s a sad truth that a lot of people will forego foreign dramas or movies because they cannot be bothered with subtitles. Rather than being mad, we feel pity for you as you're missing out on some life-changing entertainment.

The more you watch, the less effort you will need to concentrate on subtitles. Practice makes perfect and if you’re as skilled as us, reading subs will become second nature (as will shoving snacks into your face in the process).


“I just closed all your browsers”

When we lend you our most important drama-watching tool, do not take it upon yourself to close our window browsers. Chances are we are loading all six parts of the latest episode of a drama. If you do this and we’re almost capped, you can bet your be-hind - the friendship is over!!!

“You look tired”

We have just spent the night binge watching a drama so of course we're tired - mentally, emotionally and physically tired. We don’t want to hear about the dark circles under our eyes - come to think of it - does anyone want to hear about the dark circles under their eyes? Don’t say this to anyone. EVER.

Asian drama fans, what are some of things you hate hearing? Let me know!

Resident drama queen – Shay xo