This is the cutest time of the year for Asian pop idols... and the corniest!
15 Dec 2014 - 3:56 PM  UPDATED 23 Dec 2014 - 12:58 PM

Christmas is a time for celebration, family, eating delicious food, watching the SBS PopAsia TV Christmas special @4pm on SBS 2 (goes without saying) and dressing up in the corniest outfits you can possibly find right?

There is nothing like seeing your bias dressed up in a snowman onesie complete with Styrofoam head. NOTHING like it. 

Here are some of the other Christmas moments in Asian pop that have made us LOL over the years: 

1. Korean actor Jang Keun Suk rides a tinsel reindeer 

2. Boyfriend's Donghyun blows a kiss to a dog in Starship's 2014 Xmas MV "Love is You"... dog winks back. 

3. Super Junior's Siwon's facial hair really took off one Chritmas (watch out - Santa just got sexy). 

And then he shaved... <3

4. Jay Park almost loses his red nose here... and looks like he might be sick...


5. Strange guy in black balaclava creeping in on Chrome Entertainment's "Love Christmas" MV. 

OK, so the balaclava guys in the MV are apparently the duo Zan Zan... they still look creepy. 


6. Infinite all dressed up as Santa... riding each other!

7. G-Dragon... making daggy Christmas jumpers sexy since 2012... 

And scarfs removable since 2010.

8. SISTAR's Bora wraps the Boyfriend boys in Christmas lights in their 2013 "Snow Candy" MV... "Oh no, we're stuck... let's dance!"

9. Super Junior's Kyuhyun in a reindeer onesie... AHHHHHH SOOOO CUTE!  

10. Super Junior's Donghae rocking the coolest winter fashion. 

11. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu... corny and GLORIOUS! Except when she woke up the next day with Christmas-bauble-bed-hair.  

12. Rain shows off his Teddy bear bow-tie with actress Ku Hye-sun. They were SO hot that year. 

13. SHINee's Minho gets a romantic glamour photo taken with a miniature pony in 'Colorful'. At least they didn't make him wear a ridiculous Christmas outfit...

Like in 2011...

14. Show Luo IS your Christmas tree star! OK... so this was a promo shot for his Encore World Tour, but c'mon - the likeness is uncanny!

15. EXO's Chanyeol... hides behind a Christmas present. #thestuffdreamsaremadeof

16. Girls' Generation's Seohyun in her little Christmas Elmo hood. #want 

17. Some of the Hello! Project's girl's in little furry reindeer outfits. Take a moment to appreciate their little sticky-outy-tails.   


18. T-ARA (old school) in Christmas outfits... Qri does not look too impressed with the tree costume they picked for her. LOL

19. Crayon Pop took Christmas tree costumes to a whole new level... they became the trees.


Not as much as this guy...

20. KARA's Japanese Christmas ad for FamilyMart's Chik-ee-un. Eat your heart out Rollin Wang!


21. Trouble Maker's Hyuna and Hyunseung release a Christmas editorial for Ceci Magazine...

22. One dog's reaction....

What are some of the Asian pop Christmas moments that made you LOL? Let us know!