The holidays mean it's time for you to do some serious study....of anime!
17 Dec 2014 - 6:45 PM  UPDATED 23 Dec 2014 - 4:40 PM

Right, holidays are starting but that’s no reason for you to slack off!

It’s time for some required reading/watching over the holiday break. Being an anime/manga fan is serious business!

Here is your anime study guide for the holidays...


8. Nobunagun

It’s about a girl who has be born with the E-gene of Nobunaga Oda (an actual real person from history!). She fights aliens, alongside the holders of E-genes from well-known people from history including Jack The Ripper and Isaac Newton

You might even get away with telling people it’s educational.

7. Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon is CLASSIC anime. But if you just can’t get down with the retro animation, then Sailor Moon Crystal might be more your style. 

Don’t punish yourself, in the name of the moon! Just watch it!

6. Rozen Maiden

Think Highlander with dolls (there can be only one!): creepy, creepy dolls that have massive fights about food and meeting father.  Maybe it’s all the tea or maybe it’s just all those bows, but this anime reminds me of Black Butler.

5. Naruto

Yes, Naruto has been around for a while and there is a fair bit to catch up on. The series does look as though it will be coming to an end, so why not jump on the Naruto train and see what all the fuss was about?

(SIDE NOTE: I don’t know if there are any actual trains in Naruto, but I’ll find out these holidays). 


4. Black Butler

You may be tempted to just watch the first series of Black Butler and leave it at that (I admire your self-control, I never could!). The second series is markedly different and has come under some pretty heavy criticism from some fans. But, I enjoyed it if only for the references to ‘Faustus’ (which is the story of a guy who makes a deal with the Devil, see what they did there?).

There are now three series of Black Butler and that should see you through most of your holidays! (Or in my case, about 3 nights).

But be warned, at the end you may find yourself wearing gloves, only to remove them with your teeth.


3. Ouran High Host Club


This is a short, but incredibly sweet, series. If you don’t have a lot of time to watch anime over the holidays, but still want all the perks of watching something that's adoreable and funny, this is the series for you. It all starts when a girl is mistaken for a boy and breaks a very expensive vase of Ouran High's Host Club....

2. Shiki

You know how Ouran High was super sweet? This is the opposite of that.

It's also probably a series that is a little more oldskool than most people are used to. That's not to say it's a bad thing. This anime has aged incredibly well and if you've already gotten your Vampire Hunter D viewing over and done with, this is your next big thing!

I like it because back in MY day, vampires didn't sparkle and were blood thirsty creatures of the night.


1.Attack On Titan

Seriously, why have you not been watching this already? EVERYONE has watched it now! SHEESH!

If you’ve already watched all the Attack On Titan available, then don’t think you’ve gotten out of it! There is still loads of manga to read.

What anime do you think deserves some intensive study over the holiday break?

Let me know in the comments! <3 Jpop Nation host Kitty Em