It's been one crazy year joining the SBS PopAsia crew: I've learned so much! But there were 5 things that really sucked me into the Asian pop world (and made me want to stay forever) - Andy Trieu.
22 Dec 2014 - 1:22 PM  UPDATED 22 Dec 2014 - 2:31 PM

5. Fashion – BOOM!

G-dragon and 2ne1’s CL pushed da boundaries in fashion this year, from whacky broom stick hair to ahh… I can’t even explain what G-dragon wears anymore. Anyway, it inspired me to wear ridiculous things in public and rock them! Yep, I can totally rock a skirt.


4. Asian pop stars are so PRETTY yo!

Hot bods, suave hair, and nice teeth… ok it’s getting creepy now…well you get the point.

I tried Taeyang's flawless hair...

But nailed Hyuna’s "Red" look… 

3. OMG they can Asian pop bands can totes dance! 

Like super awesome! If you compared the skills of the Backstreet Boys to EXO, well there is no competition… Backstreet Boys always win…but EXO are up there… #winkyface


2. K-pop videos are... like whoa. 

They're high-production, high drama, and are a massive eye-candy-explosion overload! Two videos that got me this year:

VIXX's "Error"-  being all Robocop and that… 


Hyuna… talking about monkeys or something…

1. I found my ultimate heroes!!!


What an all round awesome guy, from his epic vocal stylings to his awesome abs (who's looking though right), this guy lifts the Asian guy persona. 

Lee Hyori

Arguably the prettiest girl ever (by me) and dubbed as the “Queen of K-pop”, she is an advocate for animal welfare and animal rights, just an all-round epic role model for all women like me… I mean men like me… oh wait… women like men like me…nope… OK just for women.

Anyone else new to Asian pop this year? What got you hooked?