Here are some of my favourite ideas to get you through the summer holiday blues...
19 Jan 2015 - 4:00 PM  UPDATED 21 Jan 2015 - 11:39 AM

It’s still summer holiday time here in Australia and we all know what that means – mega awesome fun times! But sometimes holidays can drag on and you have to start inventing your own fun, right?

Here are my top 12 boredom buster ideas for the holidays. We are going to attempt to do some stunts this week on the #Hits radio show – correction – I am going to make Andy attempt to do some this week on the #Hits radio show [MWAH HA HAAAAA *evil laugh*]

Add in any you think of in the comments!

  1. Learn Elvish/ Dothraki / Simlish
  2. Make up your own Language/ Code
  3. Do stupid races
  4. See how long you can hold a note
  5. Bust some myths—ever tried the Coke + Mentos experiment?
  6. Talk into a fan... or sing?
  7. Sing a nursery rhyme without breathing
  8. Not for the faint of hearted - gte out the Oujia board
  9. (Seriously) Plot world domination
  10. Write an original song
  11. Build a fort out of…
  12. Water gun battle!


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