J-pop girl group Pottya have to stay plus-sized to stay in the group. What do you think about that?
19 Jan 2015 - 6:44 PM  UPDATED 20 Jan 2015 - 12:08 PM

There’s a new all-girl Japanese idol group on the scene called Pottya and they’re gaining a lot of attention, but it’s not necessarily for their music.

The term "Pottya" (or poccha) can be used as a polite euphemism for "fat" or "plump" in Japan and online the group are already being referred to as BBW (Big Beautiful Women) or a "plus-sized idol group". 

Pottya’s producer Takeo Kobiyashi admits he chose each member for their plus-sized physique, stating, "The five of them have to keep up their current weight. If they get too skinny, they'll automatically be withdrawn from the group."

So far, the Pottya members are thankful for the opportunity. Group leader Nagisa Kinashi explained, "I used to have a complex about being chubby. When Pottya's activities began, I gradually found confidence in myself. I want to show my spirit and courage for those who have had the same complex about their weight."

Pottya will release their first single, "Po Po Po Pocha Rinko ", on January 29.

Do you think focusing on the girls’ weight as a marketing strategy is a help or a hindrance to women? 


Source: J-pop Asia, SBS translations