I remember going through these stages myself! Oh so long ago now haha.
20 Jan 2015 - 3:48 PM  UPDATED 20 Jan 2015 - 5:18 PM

10 – You know who these singers are and that they are VERY BIG DEALS:

9 – You DON’T know who these famous ‘Western Pop’ musicians are, unless someone tells you, “They sang that Geronimo song.” Only THEN do you go “Ohhhhh” or worse, “Uh, Geronimo?”

8 – You possess a certain degree of smugness that you knew who PSY was before "Gangnam Style" and that he’s just the tip of the awesome Kpop iceberg. (Like OMG, people!)

7- You barely blink when things like this happen in music videos:

6 – You become attracted to boys prettier than you and you don’t care what your friends think of them… ‘cause they’re WRONG. :P

5 – You get 2D crushes that ruin real boys for you forever.

4 – Words and phrases have a different meaning for you:

3 – You can understand some Korean, Japanese and Mandarin, or you’ve started taking lessons!

2 – You can tell each member apart, and you’ve memorized their birthdays, too! :P

1 – You develop some mad moves.