EXO member DO takes control of a scary situation at a fan signing recently in South Korea.
2 Feb 2015 - 11:56 AM  UPDATED 2 Feb 2015 - 12:02 PM

At a recent fan-signing event EXO members became upset at fans’ behaviour and were forced to leave the event in an effort to ensure their safety.

D.O. expressed that he didn’t want to see fans get hurt and threatened to leave, but the overly excited fans didn’t listen. The boys walked off stage shortly after.

Check out the video:

Here is a rough translation taken from the comments section of the video:

Baekhyun: At the back, raise your hands everybody!
MC: At the back…
Baekhyun: no...
D.O: Just a minute, just a minute, the one who fell down... I don't want to hear that EXO-Ls are disorderly. No, for real, safety is very important, so you can't get hurt!
MC: Over there, what happened right now? Did you fall?
D.O: I think it would be better if we go off stage first.
Baekhyun: Okay then, we will leave for now and come back later
MC: I'll organize everything... okay, stop, we have to start from those who fell down first.

Apparently the fan-signing was reconvened later, however, only a selected few fans were able to meet the boys.