This Valentine's Day, spare a thought of those of us in love with the 2D kind of people....
11 Feb 2015 - 3:22 PM  UPDATED 11 Feb 2015 - 5:33 PM

Sure, ‘real life’ relationships can be fun.  But they’re nothing in comparison with an anime romance….

No, I’m not talking the enduring legacy of love between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo mask!

I’m talking about the very real connection many of us have with our favourite anime crushes.  It’s difficult to explain, but if you can’t understand a subject after reading though a list on the Internet….Then I can’t help you.

How I love my anime crush, let me count the ways!


1. My anime crush is a snappy dresser.

And they wear the best suits....

Battle gear is a TYPE of suit! Oh alright.... Some times they wear actual cloth suits, that aren't made of gundam....


2.  They use food as a sign of affection.



Food is the BEST sign of affection there is.

Food is important to me....

(Unless it’s Kaneki or Touka from Tokyo Ghoul, in which case…It’s cool, I ate before I got here…)

3. They can also BE food.



Real people can't be food, that's against the law!

Seriously, Kaneki, it's against the law.

4. When they look at me, their eyes light up…


Then turn into love hearts or diamonds

Can real people do that? Maybe, but there are serious OH&S issues to consider.


5. Yes, they’re a little strange.



6. They have super powers of some kind...

and would use them to save me from bad guys like evil aliens or vampires...

Or they’re actually vampire and I'm okay with that too.


7. They love the same things I do....

(Like cats and tea and cats....and tea)


8. I don't have to choose just one!


What are some things your anime crush does, that you absolutely love?