A Korean blogger has brought to light the possible plagiarism by 4Minute of Australian dance duo Knife Party's "Boss Mode". See what you think...
13 Feb 2015 - 9:12 AM  UPDATED 13 Feb 2015 - 10:38 AM

A Korean blogger is fast gaining attention from the K-pop community having accused 4Minute and the producers of their new hit "Crazy" of plagiarising Australian dance music duo Knife Party's "Boss Music". 

The blogger who users the alias Lineage135 claims that 4Minutes new release "Crazy" is exactly the same from start to finish  as Knife Party‘s “Boss Mode.” They have also emailed Knife Party’s management agency to notify them. 

Lineage135's full post reads as follows: 

“EDM is an abbreviated form of Electronic Dance Music. The genre is defined by sounds that were created by configuring electronic sounds to create music and not utilizing common instruments.

Many people who are not familiar with EDM may listen to songs and say, ‘Don’t club music all sound the same?’ But the truth is EDM artists spend anywhere from days to years to create their own original sounds to use in their songs.

All the world renowned artists have signature sounds that allow fans to identify them easily. On that note, when EDM fans state something is plagiarized, it means that the sound wasn’t created but stolen.

However, the song ‘Crazy’ by 4MINUTE didn’t simply steal sounds, but copied the progression of songs, melody and even beats.

The original song ‘Boss Mode’ by Knife Party is from their most recent album.

It’s….exactly the same from start to finish…
Some may even say the song was sampled with 4MINUTE’s vocals on top.
I wonder what Seo Jae Woo, Big Sancho, and Son Young Jin were thinking.

Especially at 50 seconds of ‘Crazy’, the vocal builds the song up and than you can hear glass shattering than the bass dies and the beat drops. This is exactly the same progression as ‘Boss Mode’ at 1 minute 32 seconds."

Listen to Knife Party's "Boss Mode" here...

...compared with 4Minute's "Crazy" here...

Lineage135 continues,

"Well I sent JHO Management this letter in hopes that Korean producers become more honest and hard working.

‘Hello Knife Party. I am a fan of your music from South Korea. It was so unfortunate to have you music performance cancelled on October, last year. But I still think your music is amazing and can’t wait for you to come and play in the near future. I am sending you this email to inform a suspected plagiarism of your music “Boss Mode” in the album “Abondon Ship” by a lousy Korean songwriter who made a new song for a famous girl group from your music. Here is the link to the song. I look forward to your awesome musical work, and hope you can come to Korea soon.

All the best.
Korean EDM Community ‘I Love House Music’ Website Operator.’


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