As you can imagine, it was hard for us all to pick just one boy or girl!
5 Mar 2015 - 1:55 PM  UPDATED 5 Mar 2015 - 6:31 PM

It's Mardi Gras week here at SBS and we're celebrating the beauty of love! Or you know... crushes... but our biases know how much we love them don't they - DON'T THEY?!?!

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Here are all of our boy crushes and girl crushes...

Post yours in the comments! :)


Jamaica dela Cruz 

Girl crush: Kim Yuna

Position: Olympic Figure Skating Champion/ Occasional Solo Singer

When did you first notice them: I saw her skate and thought she looked so graceful and elegant. Even Big Bang’s T.O.P noticed so…

Favourite Feature: Her eye smiles! Oh, and if she showed me her collection of Olympic gold medals I’d probably swoon.

Boy crush: Leehom Wang

Position: Being the most amazing singer, actor, dancer in the world!!! He can do anything! He’s like a superhero pop star.

When did you first notice them: When time began! I think I had also just learnt to walk.

Favourite Feature: His voice… you might remember I lost my train of thought when I first met him.


Andy Trieu

Boy crush: Taeyang


When did you first notice them: When Taeyang doesn’t have his shirt on he is basically saying “Mate I’m a 10 out of 10, be as awesome as me.” So that totes inspires me. He is such a giving guy with all of his hidden messages.

Favourite feature: If you look up “Rad dude with mad six pack and fully good looking” in the dictionary, Taeyang comes up almost every time. 


Girl crush: Lee Hyori

Group: Former member of FIN.k.L and now solo artist, and full time super attractive woman.

When did you first notice them:  Lee Hyori is a hardcore vegetarian and an animal rights advocate, all of which are my passions! I always endeavour to eat at least one carrot for lunch and I dream of saving cats out of trees. We just have so much in common.

Favourite feature: Lee Hyori has an amazing cute smile, beautiful hair and a super inspiring model body so basically what I’m saying is I love her personality.




Boy crush: Eli from UKISS

When did you first notice them: I first noticed him on a rooftop in Seoul chatting to him before an interview. It was totes romantic… if you forget about the rest of the band, camera crew, Jamaica and artist management all being there too. He’s fun and funny and he’s got a nice smile. 

Favourite feature: He used to have his eyebrow pierced too, we all know only the cool kids do that **checks right eyebrow to make sure it’s still pierced**


Girl crush: Unsurprisingly my girl crush is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

When did you first notice them: I hadn’t even seen her when I fell for her, I think it was the electric bagpipe sounds in one of her singles.  Then I saw her… and what’s not to love?

Favourite feature: She’s cute, she’s very cute, and she’s super cute.  And she loves a dress-up.  Who doesn’t want to go on a date with someone that wears a shark in her hair? Just don’t sit behind us at the movies.


Kitty Em

Girl crush: LiSA

When did you first notice them: Her voice was the start for me. There's something powerful and soulful about the way she sings. I only know a little Japanese at the moment, but there's something that hits me in my chest when she sings, without even knowing the words. 

Favourite feature: Her attitude. It seeps into every other aspect of her. Plus her name (LiSA) apparently stands for Love Is Same All. Who couldn't absolutely swoon over someone who stands for something so beautiful?


Boy crush: Ninomiya Kazunari (Nino)

- I want it noted though, I'm incredibly sad that I can't pick all of Arashi as my boyfriend. I don't see why I can't do that!

Group: Arashi

When did you first notice them: I think I started having a serious crush on him when I was watching Vs Arashi, so maybe less than a year ago? I think the reason I 'fell' for him was just because he made me laugh. He's not the typical kind of guy that I would go for (I'm more a Sakurai Sho kind of girl, if I'm honest). But, it's just one of those things.

Favourite Feature:
 His geekiness (he apparently loves videogames and anime. We could totally hang out) and his face in general. He has the best expressions!


Dr J. 

Boy crush: Jung Yong Hwa


When did you first notice them: I first noticed him when he was on “We Got Married”. He was very sweet, understanding and accommodating for his virtual partner, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

Favourite feature: Yong Hwa is musically talented, athletic and funny. He’s so awesome I wouldn’t mind being friendzoned ;)


Girl crush: Sunny

Group: Girls’ Generation

When did you first notice them: I fell for Sunny when I saw her bubbly and caring personality through variety shows (Invincible Youth & Hello Baby, for example) – oh yeah, and she can catch chickens <3<3

Favourite feature: Aegyo