Jay Park... always pushing boundaries with his music.
9 Mar 2015 - 12:23 PM  UPDATED 9 Mar 2015 - 1:43 PM

Jay Park surprises fans with a new rap-only track "All I Got Time For" produced by Gray. The MV was shot in Cafe Dudart AOMG and Jay has kindly also posted the lyrics (below) for us. Check it out and see what you think. It's always good to see artists pushing themselves.

Please note this track contains explicit language. 

i don't pop molly or rock TOM FORD
fresh t, fresh jeans, and some jordans on
new car, new crib yeah i'll sign for it
drama trying to chase me i aint got time for it
f*** the politics
f*** all the bull s*** kiss assing and d*** polishing
venom, fire, rawness lets mix all of 'em
thats what my bars made up of said this mixologist
lets base it on the talent so hot these motha ****** record
labels couldn't manage
so AOMG was born, we seeing the word on tour this industry is a fraud get ready for the madness
everybody wanna favor
they wanna get to the top without any labor
they gunnin for my spot take a shot no chaser
i aint signing no papers, unless I'm getting paper
so i be caking like i'm baking
game consoles broke man no mo' playing
liam neeson this game man this b**** taken
under hostage no room for negotiation
trying to play me cause i'm a nice guy?
bye bye i'm here to reek havoc now eat this cyanide
give u this kung pao no chicken and no fried rice
yo b**** stick to my skin i call her dry ice
o0o0o it hurt don't it? short asian kid getting everything u wanted
haters gon hate, reason i flaunt it
AOMG f*** with us u know we got it AMEN

i wanna rap mo' but i gotta make dough
so for right now this all i got time for