Ga In is on the road (on her bike) to releasing her new album!

Ga In has just dropped a new teaser for "Apple" featuring Jay Park, taken from her upcoming solo comeback album Paradise Lost. 

Jay Park actually co-wrote the track with Kim Ee Na with the composition credited to Park Geun Tae, Park Soo Jong, and Lee Jong Hoon. 

Recently Ga In discussed the lengths she went to, to acheive "apple hips" for the video. She said, "Seeing how the song's title is 'Apple,' the director viewed the 'apple hip' as the trend these days and requested that I got them, so I exercised.  I have such a thin body with no volume, so I thought to myself I needed to create a body that'd be good to see; I only worked out my lower half for three months without taking a single day off.  I said I was going to make my lower body big, and I did.

While making my body, I went to a media event where an article came out that I gained weight, so I felt dispirited.  I thought to myself that something like this might not suit me, but I didn't give up.  I wanted to show a healthy and flexible image, too."

Source: AllKpop