If you were to take any of these Asian pop stars on a formal date... would you be embarrassed or proud of their style choices?
11 Mar 2015 - 2:28 PM  UPDATED 11 Mar 2015 - 3:19 PM

Everyone loves a man (or woman) in a suit - am I right? And Asian pop has been consistently paving the way for new colourful machinations of the fashion staple to brighten our lives. Have they ever gone too far? 

Vote for who you think "wore it best" below: 

1. G-Dragon in his rainbow checked suit complete with mini-vest and pink lobster tie! Let's face it - this list could be made up entirely of G-Dragon. 

2. Alice Nine (A9) - kings of visual kei! This is but one of the many sets of flamboyant suits the band has donned. 

3. 2NE1 have all worn suits, in particular CL on numerous occasions. This is one of her most recent style choices for the cover of ELLE. 


4. Boyfriend twins Youngmin and Kwangmin wore matching spattered red and green suits for their recent comeback teaser photos for "Bounce". 

6. U-KISS took the paint-splatter look to a whole new level in their recent comeback MV "Playground"

6. J-pop band Sekai No Owari look both smart and scary in royal blue... complete with oversized white bowties.   

7. Toheart's Key & Woohyun in bright yellow and red (is anyone hungry?) 

8. Show Luo's famous lion suit made its debut in his MV "Fantasy"... rrrrrraaaawww. 

9. Block B's PO's spotty number - complete with florel lapelle! 

10. Leehom Wang suit looks schmick - you just have to make sure your friends are all wearing diffferent colours when you go out! 

11. J-pop boy band Da-iCE look retro in gradiented navy & white. 

12. Taeyang at the airport. He was with his parents when this was taken so they must approve! ;)  

13. Secret's Hyosung looking nothing short of stunning suited-up for Esquire Magazine. 

14. SHINee is living graffiti! 

15. BTS' Rap Monster is all gangsta in this pin stripe banger. Watch out ladies!


16. Behold... TOP. Nothing more needs be said. 

Who do you think wears a suits best?  

Who do you think looks coolest in their suit/s?
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