BIGBANG are still coming back... but when?
10 Mar 2015 - 12:00 PM  UPDATED 20 Mar 2015 - 11:43 AM


YG Entertainment has clarified that BIGBANG's comeback has indeed been delayed. A representative stated, “We scheduled BIGBANG’s concerts from April 24th to 26th in advance. Since making their debut, they have been holding concerts with their album release so we reserve the venues in advance.” 

According to reports the album release has been delayed as BIGBANG are still working hard on their new material in the studio and do not want to release an unpolished product. The album release date is yet to be decided. 

WINNER and iKON who were rumoured to be performing as opening acts also have not been confirmed, but they will both be releasing albums as planned.  


IN EARLIER NEWS: YG Entertainment denies reports BIGBANG’s comeback & world tour is scheduled 

According to OSEN, a representative at YG Entertainment has denied initial reports that BIGBANG will begin promotions for their new album in April before embarking on a world tour.

The representative stated, “It is true that BIGBANG is in the midst of comeback preparations and entirely focused working on music. The comeback timing has yet to be confirmed, I do not know why there is news regarding music programs and concerts. They are unfounded.”

You might recall it was G-dragon himself who let that news slip during an interview with Women's Wear Daily in Paris.

Initial reports from Korean media outlet TV Report quoted YG Entertainment CEO and BIGBANG manager Yang Hyun Suk saying, "For now we are planning on April at the latest and we will make their [Bigbang's] comeback sooner if possible, but there definitely will not be a need to postpone it." 

So what do you make of this new news PopAsians? Is there just miscommunication in the ranks at YG, or do BIGBANG perhaps need more time?

Perhaps we all need to take a deep breath as it seems a BIGBANG comeback is imminent this year at the very least, and that's something to be ecstatic about!


Source: OSEN