The world of J-Pop isn't slowing down in 2015, here's just some of the singles, debuts and tours to look forward to in coming weeks!
11 Mar 2015 - 5:55 PM  UPDATED 11 Mar 2015 - 5:59 PM

The year is well under way and it’s certainly not easy to keep up with ALL the latest debuts, albums, singles and concert tours of J-Pop groups and stars.

Never fear! I, Kitty Em, you dedicated and not at all easily distracted….(Is that a ball of string?!) J-PopNation host is going to attempt the impossible: Compiling a list of upcoming debuts, singles and general goings on in J-Pop.


1.The Hoopers


The Hoopers are the next generation of Otaku-based idols Fundanjuku. Fudanjuku are a boy group comprised of members with Otaku obsessions (from reptiles to manga).  But the real twist with these idols? Their actually girls!

Judging by the teaser of The Hoopers and the awesomeness that is Fudanjuku, the debut of this unique group is one to look forward to.

Their debut single is expected to be released some time this month.

2. Gackt

For newcomers to J-Pop you may not understand just how important Gackt is. But he is VERY important and well worth a listen.

In April, he’ll be starting celebrations of his 15th anniversary since his solo debut. These will include merchandise and collaborations with other artists.

And in July he’s going to release his 46th single! The limited edition version of which will come with Gackt bedsheets. That’s right, bed sheets that have Gackt lying on them.  Your head just exploded with all that want!


3. Ayumi Hamasaki


She’s been described as a ‘supernova’ AND ‘Empress’ of J-Pop and I’m not going to disagree with that!

Her latest album is expected to drop in April and will deserve your full attention.


4. Country Girls

You know Morning Musume, at least I hope you do and if you don’t stop neglecting your ears and listen to them already!

Well, along with Morning Musume, there was Country Musume. Now, there’s going to be Country Girls, which is the follow on group from Country Musume. Did you follow that all that?

The important thing to know is that they make their debut on the 25th of March.

5. Morning Musume

Speaking of all things Musume….. Morning Musume will be offering up another single in April!

It will be the first single for the 12th generation members. It’s also being reported that one of the tracks on the new single will include “Ima Kokokara” which is the theme song for new anime film “Procure All Stars: Haru no Carnival"

6. Perfume

This year heralds a DECADE since their major debut. They’ve actually been around for longer than that, but any excuse for a party, right?

They’re releasing a double side A single "Relax In The City/Pick Me Up" on April 29.





Not only are they going to be doing a dome tour in May. They’ve also just released their latest single, “KISS KISS KISS"

(A song I've been informed is not an invitation to kiss the computer screen when their image comes up, but it's my computer I'll do what I want!)

8. Arashi


Saving the best till last because if I put them first, I would have spent my entire day gazing lovingly at them on Google images!

Arashi will be releasing a DVD and Blu-ray of their 15th anniversary concert in Hawaii. The limited edition is rumoured to contain a 150-page booklet!


It’s expected to be released on April 15.

There’s always new bands, albums and singles being announced in the world of J-Pop, but hopefully this gives you a taste of how exciting 2015 is already shaping up to be!

Let us know what you’re looking forward to!