Why have BTOB struggled to make it like some other K-pop boy bands of the same debut year? Netizens weigh in...
17 Mar 2015 - 1:37 PM  UPDATED 17 Mar 2015 - 1:47 PM

A recent article on Korean media outlet Nate has put forward a list of reasons as to why K-pop boy group BTOB has struggled to reach the heights of other K-pop groups with seemingly just as much talent. 

Fans and followers alike have also weighed in on the issue - see their comments below.

What are your thoughts Australian fans? Do you agree with the points and/or comments?  


The list of reasons goes as follows:

1. Their hiatus was too long after their debut. They've consistently gone on six month breaks since their rookie days.

2. They don't have a clear concept. Other than the bright and prankster-like concept they've been pushing lately.

3. They lack in visuals. Of course singers shouldn't rely on their looks but visuals are important (especially for international fans). Some are of course handsome and others attract a specific type of fan but the public will judge them off of one stage alone. To the public, they're all on the average to short side.

4. What's it matter if they're talented, nobody knows. You take one look at MAMAMOO's stage and you think right away "wow, they're good singers", but you look at BtoB's 'Beep Beep' and that's the last thing you'd think. They need a song that brings out their talents.

5. Their title tracks lack in that special something. Their top three songs that had relatively good reactions were 'Second Confession', 'Beep Beep', and 'Wow'. BtoB should focus on songs that bring out vocal emotions rather than their performance and become stronger digitally.

6. They get on variety shows but don't get any attention for it. They were recently on 20 different public broadcast variety shows. Why didn't any of them get popular right off the bat like Henry, Hyeri, or Park Hyung Shik? They don't have any variety talents separately unless it's together as a group reality show.

7. Their fandom doesn't know how to unite. They have a small fandom and ruined their image by whining on public community boards. The public already remembers the group for being "unpopular".


Here are some of the comments on the article so far:

1.  This is seriously everything I've been wanting to say. Especially the bit about talent. It doesn't matter how much fans think they're talented when they sing songs like 'Beep Beep'... and I don't even think the songs that great

2.  Exactly... Fans know they're talented because they look up other videos but the public judges them off of one performance on a music show. Who cares if they have talented singers if they perform songs that don't show that? And splitting up the members into different variety shows isn't working because they're boring without each other... as a group, they're fun to watch.

3.  Such a refreshing read, agree with all of the points.

4.  Everything I've been wanting to say. Definitely had too long of a hiatus and 'Beep Beep' was nominated for #1 and they should've pushed that momentum with follow-up promos but they went quiet again and lost their opportunity for fame... then a random Japanese comeback. And they're good singers but their songs don't show that. Put them on some variety shows that can show that... Separating them into different shows doesn't allow them to show what they can do.

5.  I've been their fan since debut and there's nothing wrong about this post. It's actually the first time I've read something that I can't deny. But I do hope people notice that they are working hard because they know they lack in the performance area and that they're not ugly faces... just faces that you'll grow to love the more you look at. Kids, let's get your vocals popular. It's time to show them your talent.

6.  I get that they're all talented but the public judges them off of one music show performance and it's impossible to tell based off of the songs they promote that they're talented. They'd be better off promoting in units to show off their vocal talent. It's a waste of their skills...

Do you agree? 

Source: Nate, Netizenbuzz