Simon and Martina are back in Canada for this episode experiencing a reverse culture shock!
Eat Your Kimchi

24 Mar 2015 - 5:16 PM  UPDATED 24 Mar 2015 - 5:16 PM

Eat Your Kimchi's Simon and Martina are back in Canada for this week's radio episode! In Martina's old bedroom at her parents house to be exact... 

So what are some of the "Reverse culture shock" symptoms they are experiencing:

  • In Canada, people hold doors open for people and greet strangers at the supermarket
  • In Korea, footpaths are well maintained... and in Canada well...
  • What is Sushi like in Canada compared to Korea? 
  • What do Korean people call tourists & what have they called Simon & Martina in the past?  
  • What... no air raid siren drills in Canada?

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