Another K-pop group divides with members moving on to new challenges...
26 Mar 2015 - 5:07 PM  UPDATED 26 Mar 2015 - 5:18 PM

2AM members Seulong and Jinwoon are to leave JYP Entertainment following the recent expiration of their contracts while Jo Kwon and Changmin (who still has 6 months left) remain. 

Jokwon has decided to renew his contract with JYP, while Seulong signs with SidusHQ and Jinwoon negotiates with Mystic Entertainment. 

A JYP representative revealed to Newsen, "Jo Kwon has recently decided to remain at JYP, while Seulong decided to go to SidusHQ. Jinwoon is currently negotiating a contract with Mystic Entertainment."

So does this mean that 2AM will be forced to disband? 

To that question, the rep responded,"Seulong and Jinwoon both decided to head to different agencies to take on new challenges and changes. As Jo Kwon has been carrying out roles in musicals, he'll continue focusing on singing and musicals... This was all wrapped up with no ill feelings between the members. It seems they'll all be focusing on their individual activities for the time being, but because the members have a great relationship and are also on good terms with JYP, if the conditions and requirements are right, there is the possibility that they can carry on group activities. So it's not that they've officially ended group activities."