This is not just a one off radio show PopAsians! Prince Mak is keen for more of you Aussie fans to get to know him!
JJCC's Prince Mak

7 Apr 2015 - 5:38 PM  UPDATED 21 Apr 2015 - 3:40 PM

Jackie Chan's first ever K-pop boy band JJCC has 5 members. One of those members is Australian/Chinese and his name is Prince Mak - but you already knew that!  The big news is that Prince Mak is set to host his very own radio on SBS PopAsia, EVERY WEEK! Prince Mak will play you his personal favourite Asian pop songs every week and let you in on some insider secrets of what it's really like to be an Asian pop idol.   

Hit the audio tab above ^ to hear Prince Mak explain the style choices for their latest release "Fire"

The Prince Mak hour starts April 21 @ 7PM (AEST)!

How to listen

SBS PopAsia is streaming live 24/7 on digital radio. Catch Teh Prince Mak hour at 7pm (AEST) every week day.

See what he has to say about it...

In other news JJCC are set to make a comeback on M-Countdown on April 9. Check out their new teaser!