Do you agree with Chanyeol? He thinks he is the best looking in EXO! :P
8 Apr 2015 - 8:41 AM  UPDATED 8 Apr 2015 - 8:51 AM

Happy 3rd anniversary EXO! The boys joined KBS CoolFM's 'Kiss the Radio' broadcast where they discussed their looks and who they would date in the group. 

DJ and Super Junior member Ryeowook kicked off the conversation by saying, "Right after EXO debuted, an SM manager said that the members are so good-looking that the top three male visuals must be in EXO.

When asked who they thought were the best-looking, EXO's Chanyeol said, "I think I'm good-looking. Even before EXO, I thought that I was the best-looking in the whole world, but now I think all the members are good-looking.

When asked which member's face he would like to be born with in his next life, Chanyeol replied, "When I look at just faces, second place would be D.O. and third place would be Sehun." I wonder who he is insinuating would be first? Lol 

Switching to preferred types, Ryeowook continued, "The last time Xiumin and Chen recorded with us, Xiumun chose Sehun as the member he would not want to date if he were a girl."

Sehun responded, "It's probably because I tease my hyungs a lot." When asked who he wouldn't want to date if he were a girl, Sehun quickly chose Chanyeol. Chanyeol asked, "Don't we get along?" Sehun answered, "I said [your name] for fun!" Everyone broke into laughter on set. 

Source: Kiss the radio, Allkpop