Find out more about Jamaica dela Cruz's hand-picked CUTE BOY this week...
15 Apr 2015 - 6:11 PM  UPDATED 25 Nov 2015 - 7:04 PM

WELCOME PopAsians to my weekly CUTE BOY ALERT! This is arguably the most important news you'll need to receive every week. 



James Lee 

James plays Bass Guitar for Korean band Royal Pirates. The three-piece band hail from California, where they used to be called Fading From Dawn. He's my fave from the group (sorry Moon and Soo-yoon--still love 'ya!), but really, if I could put the whole band in Cute Boy Alert, I would. (I don't make the rules!)







C-CLOWN may have disbanded, but thankfully we can still see some of the members do their own thing. Former vocalist Kangjun just announced on Instagram that he’s just become the Fashion and Visual Director of a fashion company. Not surprising, ‘cause his “Visuals are ON POINT”—as we like to say in K-Pop circles. ;)




BOO—The World’s Cutest Dog!


Surprised to see him in this blog? Well, he’s definitely CUTE, AND a BOY, and his owner is apparently Taiwanese. :D Also, more than 17 million people (number of Facebook followers) can’t be wrong!



Archer (Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works)

For those who haven’t seen the anime, Archer is a magical hero summoned by a young mage named Rin Tohsaka to become her ‘Servant’ in this magical war.

He’s a six-foot tall, super-ripped warrior who’s bound to make you fan yourself repeatedly as you watch the anime series. And yes, I’m saying this from personal experience. :p


Lee Seokmin (aka DK from SEVENTEEN) 

So it was impossible but it’s finally been done—I’ve picked ONE Cute Boy from boyband SEVENTEEN!

He was born on the 18 February 1997—199 SEVEN you guize! That makes him about 18 years old, but apparently he prefers dating someone older because he needs someone to take care of him. :p

Any other Team DK PopAsians out there?



Lee Soohyuk

You might have seen this Korean actor and model in 2NE1’s music videos and on 2NE1 leader CL’s arm. 

Or you might have seen him hanging out with Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon.

I’m not sure who I’m more jealous, of, though…

Unsurprisingly, he looks even better in motion. 


Wallace Huo

I was googling this young Chinese singer named Huo Zun when this Taiwanese actor’s photos showed up instead. That, ladies and gents, is what you call DESTINY. LOLZ.



Lee Hyeon Jae

I was in the mood for some K-drama about cute boybands and you know what they say—seek and ye shall find! Lee Hyeon Jae plays the drummer of a fictional band aptly called ‘Eye Candy’ in the drama Shut Up! Flower Boyband. I belatedly realized that he was also in the popular Chinese film ‘Tiny Times 3’. Isn’t he a beauty?! (I’ve put in some extra photos today ‘cause I couldn’t choose!)



Takuya Terada (Cross Gene). I was watching SISTAR Hyorin’s music video for her collab with Jooyoung, and Takuya plays her love interest. Now I know what you’re thinking—it’s really NOT THAT HARD for Hyorin to act “interested”, right? :P 




I couldn’t finish watching Full House 2, but at least I walked away with some No Min Woo in my life... Debuted with Korean band TRAX as their drummer and left two years later to do more acting. He still releases music as ‘ICON’ via his You Tube channel.



Maze Runner’s Minho (played by actor Lee Ki Hong)

  • Korean American actor who plays ‘Minho’ in the film ‘The Maze Runner’
  • Just saw him in the trailer for the upcoming sequel
  • Last year he came in 4th in people Magazine ‘Sexiest Men Alive’
  • He married his girlfriend March this year—she played his new gf in WongFu video “She Has a Boyfriend”



Nam Joo Hyuk is the lead hottie in recent hit drama seriesWho Are You: School 2015... but did you catch him in AKMU'S 200% MV? Of course you did! Did you also notice that he's 6'2" TALL?! *fans self*

Of course, the best way to appreciate Joo Hyuk is through the magic of gifs:



Remy Hii is actually the inspiration behind CBA, but he didn’t make it to the blog—better late than never! He’ll be back as Prince Jingim in Season 2 of the Marco Polo series. 

P.S. I dare you to watch him in this short film and not fall - not even a little?!

LISTEN: "Marco Polo" star Remy Hii surprises Jamaica dela Cruz in studio
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As Prince Jingim in Marco Polo... *sigh*



When you can’t decide between GD or TOP—there’s Lee Hyun Woo! I noticed this guy when I was watching "To the Beautiful You" where he plays one of SHINee's Minho's love rivals. Is it hot in here? Or is it just me...




Ahn Jae Hyun (starred in Korean move Fashion King). I saw Fashion King the movie over the weekend and Lordy, why is it so hard to hate the villain when he’s this beautiful?




That REALLY RARE MOMENT when a real life actor looks even better than all the anime/manga characters he plays. Meet Yamazaki Kento (he plays ‘L’ in new Death Note live-drama adaptation). SSSSOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!


Taiwanese actor Rhydian Vaughan! I had the pleasure of ‘discovering’ Rhydian in the hit movie Tiny Times, where he played some sort of "Chuck Bass character". BTW - how cool is his name?!”


Didn’t get what the fuss what about until he grew up and featured in BoA’s "Disturbance" video and live Only One promotions. Currently watching his episodes in We Got Married and HOLY MOLY HOW CAN ANYONE BE SO CUTE AND SEXY AND INNOCENT AND MATURE ALL AT THE SAME TIME?! *EXPLODES*

From the days when everyone used to ship BoA and Taemin...


They’ve given Seunghyub from N.Project a new name (J-Don) with some T.O.P styling on the side AND IT’S TOTALLY WORKING FOR HIM, don’t you agree? Lucky Jimin!


Captain Levi from Attack on Titan! The baddest Titan-Slayer evah! He always looks cool, has a secret heart of gold, and is so popular with the ladies that he was on the front cover of female fashion magazine ‘Frau’. Yes, it’s safe to say you’ve found bae.



I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to get lost in iKON's Bobby's eye smile. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY TIME (watching anime... ah yes). Bobby is the new hot rapper for up and coming YG boy group iKON who won the 3rd season of Mnet's rap battle show "Show Me the Money". Here he is with Kang So Ra in a new CM for Sprite. We all remember miss A Suzy's don't we...




I've selected J-rock band Alexandros' vocalist Yoohei Kawakami. 

Watch Yoohei rock out in any Alexandros music video and tell me you’re not going, ‘RAAWWWRRR’. 


BOO—The World’s Cutest Dog!


Surprised to see him in this blog? Well, he